[[The main plot thread]]

“You walk west. Compelled by a feeling of dread and danger. Perhaps you were told to head west by a family member, or a higher power, or maybe you just had a feeling that some horrible event was eminent.”

You are strangers to the region of Sf’Bei’Ar, you lived in lands far outside of it for all of your life, but now for reasons unknown you have been pushed from your home and into this region, and the way back has been locked behind you. As you made your way into Sf’Bei’Ar a wall of muted colors and impenetrable force descended upon the land right on the de facto border.

What caused it?
Can it be reversed?

These questions will burn in the back of your mind as you find allies, help others, make enemies, kick monster and humanoid ass, and unlock your inner potential as a hero!

Locations known of so far

[[The main plot thread]]

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